A choice of wonderful JW Bible tours of Israel

Option 1: Organised group Bible tours, If your timing fits, you should consider a comprehensive tour organised by (see their site; they mostly do Israel around mid-October each year). Their guides are usually (1) a top Israeli official guide and (2) a brother from Brooklyn, as well as (3) a Palestinian driver. They go to many more authentic sites than any other group yet it is still quite an easy pace. If booking with them, you could tag 'BetheltoursUK' when asked who is your "Trip Partner'). Also, other brothers do tours, see Meander Travel for another range of tours.

Option 2: Personalised Bible tours at any time, Our contacts are special pioneers in Israel; you can ask them to do any tour. Note that they do not have 'set' tours like we do, except for the Israel Museum which we researched for them; there are several pioneers and Bethelites that are sometimes willing to do tours; they don't charge but you must be mindful of their high costs of fuel & living there; you should give them at least $200 a day plus any entrance fees.
Just send a message addressed to 'Derek' and others at and let them know what you are specifically interested in, also when and where you would be staying. Also see the website relating to what they can offer, at israel bible tours. It is worth planning tours to key places like: Nazareth Village, Qumran, Masada, Jericho, Capernaum, Neot Kedumim, and Jerusalem’s ‘Western Tunnel’ (under the Temple), ‘City of David’ with Siloam, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Garden Tomb, and the newly discovered ‘Herod’s Steps’ to mentioned just a few special places!

Just click either of the options above; they will deal direct with you.

Israel Bible tour

Many famous artefacts.