Bible Highlights of the British Museum
A 55-minute look at highlights from our other Bible tours; focussing on powerful points for your ministry.

This Bible tour includes some of the most notable artefacts, covering aspects of Egypt, Babylon, Ur, Mesopotamia and the Origin of Writing.

This tour is truly and amazingly faith-building.. it has long been very popular with visiting brothers and sisters from around the world. Currently we only present it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10.30am, and also at 2.20pm Saturdays but it can be presented on request at any other time if your own group is 15 or more people (automatic special rate for groups) and our British Museum guides are available. Note that the content of this tour is also incorporated into our “Grand Tour of the British Museum”, also our "Full City Tour"... there are tours on several days each week now, with hundreds of visitors enjoying our first-class tours every week. Read the unsolicited testimonials!

  • Bible Highlights Tour of the British Museum
  • 55-minute tour
  • £8 per adult with different rates for families, groups and specials.
  • Accompanied children, age up to 15yrs, free.
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  • The 2 hour Grand Tour of the British Museum is the extended version of the 55 minute Bible Highlights tour. It includes some of the most faith strengthening artefacts in the entire museum. The two hour tour has many more useful facts and notable points to help in your ministry and personal study.
  • £17 per adult with special rates for families and groups
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Other languages, special versions and tours on different days can be arranged but may cost more, and the guide's attendance is not guaranteed (full refund would apply). If you fail to turn up, we will refund the payment less admin, guide & exchange fees (if applicable). Just let us know by email if you have any special requests.

Akhenaten at the British Museum

How was this Egyptian king linked with the Exodus?

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