This is our current list of JW Bible tours presented using Zoom, with various themes.

Unlike some tours, we keep our groups to a smaller size so that everyone can interact. As guides, we are not paid for the tour, but to cover essential expenses there is a small booking fee of £3 per connection (£4 for Creation Safaris).

Consider the archeological evidence of false worship from Bible lands and consider the timely warnings to continue to avoid worthless worship today.

This one hour virtual tour examines evidence of many of the false gods and idols worshipped in ancient times. Compare the Bible’s view of this worthless worship, and how we see very similar beliefs today.

Discover exciting evidence about the names and reputations in the Bible.

This one hour virtual tour uses archaeology to explore famous names in the Bible, including the Divine Name, Abraham, Esther and more from the British Museum and beyond.

Explore the Biblical history of Daniel and Babylon at the British Museum.

This one hour virtual tour will consider some proof for the inspiring accounts in the Bible book of Daniel. Please join us to look at amazing archeological evidence for the background of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Babylon - and even prove prophecies true!

Consider the origins of false beliefs on display at the British Museum.

This faith-building scriptural theme will be developed as we contrast the history in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and many more cultures, with "the truth" found in God's Word. This one-hour tour features many surprising and lesser known origins of modern day beliefs.

Journey through time to see the Bible relevance in the British Museum.

We have designed this one-hour tour to show that the Bible is a historically accurate book, show Bible prophecy is proved true, and we will also consider some artefacts that provide context for exciting Bible accounts. Starting with the Egyptians and finishing in the first century, this is a fascinating journey through time to bring the Bible alive, with some famous objects you may recognise like the original Cyrus Cylinder.

A very interactive British Museum tour specifically designed for kids, fun for the whole family!

This tour is perfect for young families to enjoy together as we will look at many fun facts and see what we can learn from history. We will also see the close link with the Bible by reading scriptures to bring Bible stories to life. The tour is about 45 minutes and will be interactive in small groups via Zoom.

Join us virtually for the original Bible Safari in the heart of the wilderness of South Africa!

We will see evidence of Jehovah’s creation as we learn about God's invisible qualities through nature. We will go deeper into Bible accounts that feature African animals and compare the reasoning of evolution with what we can see in nature.

Your JW guide is a professional Safari guide in South Africa and will be able to answer almost any question you may have about the African wildlife. Unfortunately, due to limited availability, this tour can only be booked online.

This tour is much more detailed than our free live safari events, and it is very different to the first Zoom Safari tour that we offered.

This tour goes into detail about the animals and references to the Scriptures. We will answer some of the most asked questions such as 'Is poaching a problem in Kruger Park?' and 'Will there be predators in the new world?'.

Your JW guide is a professional Safari guide in South Africa and will be able to answer almost any question you may have about the African wildlife. Unfortunately, due to limited availability, this tour can only be booked online. Please do not email to book the safari. We are very sorry if you have to wait to book this experience.

Foreign Language Online Tours

We are working hard to present all tours in as many languages as possible. We currently organise tours regularly in over 10 languages.

All announcements are made on our Instagram, Newsletter and on this website.

Please note our tours are not designed to replace any aspect of regular worship or spiritual instruction. We do not use any images or copyright material found in the publications or on for obvious reasons. We conduct these tours in the same way that we did when we were offering in-person tours in the British Museum and Kruger, alongside other commercial tour groups.

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