Take a thrilling look into the greatest name in the universe. This fascinating journey throughout the British Museum highlights God's name on various artefacts.

We will examine not just the name Jehovah on ancient objects, but also the meaning of God's name. By using reliable historical artefacts we will learn the power, purpose and love of this sacred name.

Unfortunately this tour is not currently available. We hope to be able to present this tour again soon, but in the meantime please consider our British Museum Grand Tour instead: www.bible-tours.co.uk/grand-tour

This tour is much deeper than our Grand Tour, which makes it a perfect compliment along with that tour for those who can spend more time in the museum. We take a more scholarly approach and feature completely different artefacts.

We also examine the names of false gods from Bible times, and we consider how powerless they are in comparison to Jehovah. Seeing the context for various Babylonain, Egyptian and Palestine gods helps us understand why Jehovah's name and meaning are so important.

By spending time seeing where Jehovah's name is recorded on various artefacts we can also appreciate the privelege we have to use the same name today. Some of the objects on this tour may be familiar to you from various publications over the years talking about God's name, now you can see the real artefact in the museum on display.

JEHOVAH is much more than just a name, we hope to show you more on this popular Bible Tour.

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