Historical evidence of Bible prophecy being fulfilled, and proof of the Bible's accuracy.

Why should we have faith in the Bible? Is there any evidence that it is true? Whilst the Bible is not meant to be a history book, it is extremely accurate and reliable when compared with secular history, see examples on this tour...

Unfortunately this tour is not currently available. We hope to be able to present this tour again soon, but in the meantime please consider our British Museum Grand Tour instead: www.bible-tours.co.uk/grand-tour

The Bible has actually helped historians to understand various objects and time periods in more detail. Often critics claim that the Bible is no more than a book of fairytales, but we will examine the evidence showing us that in many cases the Bible has been far more reliable than what the critics had previously understood.

God's Word is always fulfilled in specific detail, we will see evidence of many prophecies to prove this. Another argument presented to Bible students is that the dates given in the Bible are not correct, however when we actually look at the secular evidence for this, we can quickly come to a very different conclusion.

We have designed this tour as a comprehensive overview of many artefacts that show the Bible is inspired of God, authentic, and uniquely powerful.

It has been written for anyone with an existing interest in the Bible, or anyone who is open to learning what the Bible and history really say. No religious teachings are discussed, only the hard evidence in the British Museum proving that the Bible is true.

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