The first part of a faith-building journey through time featuring many famous artefacts

The Grand Tour is our most popular Bible Tour featuring objects that any Bible student must see.

We are now able to take enquiries for in-person visits, physical tours are not yet happening on a regular basis, but we will be happy to make arrangements if it is safe to do so. Email us here to find out.

After many years presenting multiple tour themes, Bible Tours solved the problem faced by many of our friends visiting the musuem. The British Museum takes days to walk around, so we combined the most important points from all of our tours to create a special two hour journey through time.

If possible, we recommend that you book the full two hour Grand Tour. However if you only have one hour, this is a perfect tour to give you a taster of the British Museum.

You will see evidence of Bible characters, origins of false religious beliefs, and many objects giving context for certain accounts.

We have specifically written and continue to refine this tour with Jehovah's Witnesses in mind. To get the most out of this tour it is best if the audience already have a basic understanding of the scriptures, but it is not essential, all are welcome.

Some of the objects on this tour are contained in various virtual tours that we offer. So this physical tour gives you the chance to see them in real life! We hope to meet you in person soon.

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