We offer tours of various small museums in Greenwich

For the visitor who wants to see something a little different, experience a tour of the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Queen's House and Royal Observatory

We are now able to take enquiries for in-person visits, physical tours are not yet happening on a regular basis, but we will be happy to make arrangements if it is safe to do so. Email us here to find out.

We do not conduct these tours very often as Greenwich is just under one hour away from central London, however for visitors who have been to London before, or have particular interest in these museums, we are very happy to arrange a special tour.

The British Museum is always our number one choice for a Bible Tour recommendation, however we find many small and interesting links to the Bible in various museums here in Greenwich.

You have likely heard of Greenwich for the time zone, as this is where the whole world takes it's time from. Why is that the case? Find out more on our tour.

This tour is only available on special request and requires advance planning.

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