A short tour examining evidence of Creation, not Evolution

This museum is in favour of the theory of Evolution, often featuring it on the explanation plaques. But is Evolution how we got here? Consider the evidence for yourself on this tour...

Unfortunately this tour is not currently available. We hope to be able to present this tour again soon, but in the meantime please consider our British Museum Grand Tour instead: www.bible-tours.co.uk/grand-tour

This tour has proved useful for all ages. However we have had particularly good feedback over the years from families with young ones in school.

We approach this topic from a scientific point of view, allowing the facts to help us decide what happened.

We look at what the theory of evolution is really teaching us, and we compare this with the objects on display. As we marvel at the amazing animals and natural cycles of the planet, it is hard not to believe a Creator was involved.

Scientists themseleves do not agree on all aspects of evolution, so we consider this and examine what the Bible says on the matter. The Bible is actually very accurate with the figuative days of creation and many other scientific points that are displayed in this Museum.

We hope this tour can build your faith in an intelligent, loving and kind Creator.

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