We hope to see you soon in London at the British Museum, either in-person or on Zoom. We have offered in-person Bible Tours for many years, and in 2020 we began to offer virtual tours too. Our tours are available in many languages.

Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours offer the unique opportunity to take a Bible Tour of the British Museum or Kruger National Park in Africa from the comfort of your own home, in small groups that allow you to comfortably interact with your guide and with each other.

Our Virtual Tour Menu:

Do Not Fear The Assyrian: Part 1

This one hour virtual tour is an exciting look at the Assyrian kings and their role in Bible history and prophecy. Part 1 takes a chronological approach, exploring the Assyrian Empire from the perspective of the Israelite kings.

Do Not Fear The Assyrian: Part 2

This one hour virtual tour is an exciting look at the Assyrian kings and their role in Bible history and prophecy. Part 2 considers in detail the famous Bible account of King Hezekiah of Judah and King Sennacherib of Assyria.

Creation Safari On Demand

Watch 5 recorded episodes of high quality Africa Safari with a professional JW guide explaining Jehovah's creation. Access the documentaries at a time convenient for you, including question & answer sessions, and bonus material.

Gods & Idols: Avoid Worthless Worship

This one hour virtual tour examines evidence of many of the false gods and idols worshipped in ancient times. Compare the Bible’s view of this worthless worship, and how we see very similar beliefs today.

Make A Good Name

This one hour virtual tour uses archaeology to explore famous names in the Bible, including the Divine Name, Abraham, Esther and more from the British Museum and beyond.

Daniel: Faithful in Wicked Babylon

One hour virtual tour examining the historical detail behind Daniel’s accounts and life in Babylon on display here at the British Museum.

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

One hour virtual tour considering the pagan origins of many modern beliefs and traditions and the contrast we can see when comparing them to the truth found in the Bible.

Bible Highlights of the British Museum

This one hour virtual tour examines the most interesting artefacts on display here at the British Museum from a biblical viewpoint.

Kids Tour of the British Museum

Join us on this 45 minute Bible-based British Museum virtual tour, fun for the whole family! We have designed this tour specifically for children aged 7-12, although all young at heart are welcome!

Kids Africa Creation Safari

This one hour interactive Zoom safari has been designed for children aged 5-15, though there are points for all the family. Meet other young ones from around the world, fill in the worksheet, take part in polls, and answer questions!

Africa Creation Safari 2

A 60 minute virtual safari from South Africa. Your qualified guide will look into Bible animals, evolution vs creation, poaching, predators, and much more!

Africa Creation Safari 1

Our original 80 minute virtual Safari experience, this tour is much more detailed than our free live safari events, and it is very different to the Creation Safari 2 tour that we offer.


We are pleased to offer virtual tours in many languages. Available now in French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Czech and more!

In-Person Tours

Our in-person tours bring together our years of experience in the British Museum, central London and other nearby museums. With some of the largest collections in the world, the museums can be overwhelming and confusing, but our upbuilding themed tours help to bring them to life and shine a spotlight on the most relevant artefacts.

These tours are available to book now, we hope to see you in-person very soon!

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